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Our History

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We have been drag racing since 1962 and have raised five kids at the track. Our oldest son Richard, know by most as JR, works for Jay Payne and his wife Shelly Anderson Payne. Our oldest daughter Cindi is married to Mike Robeck, former alcohol tuner now building cars at Robeck Custom Fabrication. Our youngest daughter, Nicole Clark-Erickson has now started her own media company Arias Media representing some of the top running cars in NHRA. David works for BNS, but helps JR at a couple of races. That leaves Kevin who does all of our printing.

We started our copper head gasket business in 1982. While running a top alcohol dragster with Dennis Forcelle, "Forcelle & Clark", we were not satisfied with the copper gaskets that were available. Buying the best copper available and working with a metallurgist, we developed a gasket that outperformed the others, we also eliminated the need to "torch" the gasket before installation.

We were the first to offer gaskets in more than one thickness, giving the engine builders more options when setting up their motors.

Over the years our business has grown, a little from advertising, but most from our customers and racing friends telling others about us.

-Richard & Carolyn Clark



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